Company policy

Our activities stand on four pillars:

  • Fully satisfied customers
  • High quality of our services
  • Steadily growing company
  • Unified and ethical behaviour of our company

Our goal is to deliver top class Engineering and  electrical installation services not only in the Czech Republic, but all over the world. That's why we place emphasis on cooperation with world market leaders in field of INFRASTRUCTURE & CITIES and GAS TURBINE SYSTEMS.


What stands behind our good work?

Qualified personnel

We place emphasis on regular specialized training of our employees, as well as their professional growth and their expertise in all fields of business. Very important to us are especially language skills across all career levels without difference. Only this way we are able to offer and provide top class services on international market. 

Standardised working methods

In our company everyone knows what to do and how to do it as well as who is responsible for this particular job. Smooth running of the company stands on standardised working methods for the basic working procedures. Every position in our company comes with clearly specified duties and responsibilities. With the same precision we approach to choosing of our supplier companies. We work with verified companies which are regularly internally evaluated. Thanks to these procedures we can ensure the best supplied material.

First class quality of our services

It relies on expert knowledge and skills of our employees. We conduct quality control on regular basis. Our qualified employees together with our internal inspection methods enables us to give you a guarantee of the best satisfaction of our customers.

Health and safety compliance

At our company we put health and safety first. All our employees are regularly trained not only in work health and safety regulations but they are trained also in cooperation with the red cross. Every person from our team is able to administer first aid. Random inspections are watching over compliance with health and safety regulations on our building sites. We appreciate the stress put on the health and safety compliance on international field and we are doing our best to lead by example.

Protection of information

We of course adhere all valid Decree-Law when it comes to safe and legal use of information . Besides we actively work on eliminating all the risks and threats such as information leaks. Our company follows standardised procedures for dealing with confidential information. We use advanced IT security technologies and we cooperate with the best IT professionals.

We evaluate our work

Every year our team undertakes introspection into our accomplished work. It is examined if our goals were reached and followingly new goals are set up for the upcoming period.

This policy of following proven processes and procedures allows us to keep the highest level of quality and reach stable growth.